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Analysis of Computer Sciences Corp.s FY2000 Business Results

No Y2K Bug Bites at CSC

Fastest Revenue Growth Outside Europe; Strong U.S. Commercial, Too

PHOENIX, May 10 While the Big Blue has been singing the Y2K blues for the last six to nine months, with some other IT vendors seconding it, there are no Y2K bug bites discernible in Computer Sciences Corp.s (CSC) results.  All signs point up, up and away.

The gold medal winner in the revenue growth category in our 1999 IT Services Heptathlon, for example, reaffirmed its top standing when it released its final fiscal year 2000 results on May 8.  Worldwide revenues were up 16% to $9.4 billion, making CSC a clear No. 3 in the business (Andersen Consulting, with which CSC has been in the neck-and-neck competition for the third place, stubbed its growth toes in 1999, ending up the year with $8.9 billion in revenues).


Our report then goes on to analyze CSC's business results by detailed Profit & Loss categories, including vertical, horizontal and international segments.

"That's all she wrote," we're afraid, for those of you who are NOT Annex Research clients, and who are now reading the complete Annex Bulletin, along with 8 charts which back up our analysis in the 5-page print edition of this particular report.

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Bob Djurdjevic

NOTE: The print edition of this report, of course, contains additional charts and tables not included here.

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Volume XVI, No. 2000-13
May 10, 2000

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