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Charts & Photos from the IBM z10 New York launch

To view detailed charts and photos from IBM's z10 mainframe launch in New York on 2/26/08, click on thumbnail images to enlarge...

The new IBM z10 after Steve Mills unveiled it, dropping a green shroud on the floor...

One of IBM's challenges in growing the mainframe business is generating enough buzz at colleges and universities around the world for students to want to learn the mainframe skills.  A group of students from Canada wearing T-shirts that read "The future runs on System z" was present at the New York launch (left).  They are a part of thousands of young people who are now learning some of the skills and techniques their parents originally practiced in the 1960s and 1970s, in addition to many new ones they learned and developed in the 21st century.

Karl Freund, the new Enterprise Systems VP of marketing, addressed the audience in the afternoon (middle).  Hotel "Affinia" at which the IBM mainframe launch was made is shown in the right photo.


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