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Bob Djurdjevic

President Annex Research

Personal Background

  • Writer and consultant to information technology vendors, users and investment firms

  • Publisher/editor and widely quoted expert on IT markets and companies

  • Internationally acclaimed speaker and seminar/workshop leader

  • Contributor to Washington Times, Forbes, Chronicles etc. on domestic and foreign policy issues

  • Translated into Japanese, Russian, French, German and Serbian - among some foreign languages

  • Eight years with IBM in technical, sales and management functions

  • Top engineering graduate, University of Belgrade

Business Background

  Originally formed in 1978, Annex Research has become a storehouse of vital information on the information technology industry. Djurdjevic's opinions are often quoted by major U.S. and international media, such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the CNN, the MSNBC/CNBC, the Financial Times (London), the USA TODAY, the Times of London, the Economist, the Business Week... - to mention some.

The FORTUNE magazine, for example, described his analysis of IBM as "prescient," and Annex Research as a "respected consulting firm." The Computer Weekly of London called Djurdjevic "Father of Knowledge" in one personal profile, and the "Giant Killer" in another one (the latter was in reference to the role Djurdjevic's critical editorials played in the former IBM chairman's, John Akers', eventual dismissal). The Enterprise Systems Journal of New York said he was "the dean of a select community of professionals called IBM Watchers." The New York-based Information Week ran an article on him headlined "Watching Those Who Watch IBM." The Canadian national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, did a feature on Djurdjevic's extensive travels around the world - "Traveler jumps high-tech hurdles." Last but not least, the late IBM chairman, Tom Watson, Jr., publicly acknowledged Djurdjevic's contribution to his 1990 bestseller.

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Personal Background

Check out Bob Djurdjevic's interview with the WHITE magazine: "Painter with Words & Sounds" (June 2008)

Bob's foreign policy opinion columns/letters have been published, among others, by the WASHINGTON TIMES, the WASHINGTON POST, the WALL STREET JOURNAL, the NEW YORK TIMES, the LOS ANGELES TIMES, the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, the ARIZONA REPUBLIC, the NEWS of Mexico City, as well as aired on the various Arizona TV and national radio programs.

Bob is also founder and editor of Truth in Media (TiM) – http://truthinmedia.org - a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the global geopolitical affairs, and the establishment media’s and government’s distortions of the truth in foreign and domestic issues.  Over the years, TiM has attracted a large audience from across the U.S. and from over 100 countries.  TiM has received a number of awards for its coverage of NATO’s bombing of Serbia.  In May 1999, the Truth in Media web site was voted No.33 in the world out of over 40 million sites in existence at the time.

In July 1992, Bob's English translation and adaptation of Dusan Kovacevic's play, "The Professional," became the first Serbian playwright's drama ever performed in North America. In November 1992, the same play opened in London, England, to rave critical reviews. It was ranked second in all of London. In May 1995, "The Professional's" New York debut also garnered widespread critical acclaim.

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