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Analysis of United Nations’ Report on Multinationals’ Global Investments

A Cleaner, Neater World? Hardly. Deadlier, for Sure…

Russia - the Biggest Loser in 1998; China Continues to Rake It In

A Special Report on Global Investments

PHOENIX, Feb. 2 – America is hardly a kinder, gentler place, as the former U.S. president, George Bush, wished it to be, during his 1988 campaign.  But the world seems to be becoming a cleaner, neater place.  People drink less sugar water, and shave more.  Pepsi and Coke are out of the top 100 multinationals, Gillette is in!

Unfortunately, the world also consumes more junk food.  McDonald’s business, for example, is thriving.  The King of Junk (food), which has come to epitomize the “Princes of the 20th Century” - large multinationals - continues to flood the world with burgers and fries, only with less sugar water, it seems.

The preceding are some of the conclusions one can draw from our analysis of the 1999 United Nations’ report on the top 100 multinational companies’ (1997) business results.  Other observations may be less bombastic, but are more profound. 

Such as that, despite its stellar business results, the King of Junk is also attracting another kind of attention. From Seattle (World Trade Organization) to Davos (World Economic Forum) globalist meetings, McDonald’s windows are being smashed by those who oppose the Princes’ colonization of the world. 

McDonald’s storefront windows may be a handy target of the global revolt against the Princes’ financial tyranny, if only because it’s hard to throw a rock through the Microsoft Windows.  But if the world’s largest software company’s customers had a chance to smash its windows for every crash its Windows have caused for their systems, Microsoft HQ might have more holes than Swiss cheese.  In fact, it may look like Swiss cheese without the cheese.

No wonder, Bill Gates, the King of Windows and the Prince of Smoke and Mirrors, also became a Pied Piper when he was hit by a pie, following his attendance at the 1998 Davos conference (see Annex Bulletin 98-06, Feb. 5, 1998).


Our report then goes on to analyze the global investment trends.  Here are some of the sub-headings:

All’s Not Well in Princes’ Well

Global Investment Trends

EU: Biggest Capital Exporter

European “Demo Farce”

Other World Regions - Investment Analysis


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Bob Djurdjevic

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Volume XVI, No. 2000-05
February 1, 2000

Editor: Bob Djurdjevic
Published by Annex Research;

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