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An Annex Research Editorial: Beware the Spyware

Spy Wars Readers' Forum

Readers' Comments...

PHOENIX, Sep 27Following the publication of our Spy Wars article on Sep 25, we began receiving comments from various readers about their experiences with spyware.  Since we thought you may find some of them helpful, we decided to publish excerpts from such feedback in a new Spy Wars Readers' Forum.  


Spying on Keystrokes

BELGRADE, Sep 26 - Been there, done that.

About two months ago, my computer started behaving funny. Now, I am not a
neophyte in data protection. I had installed several programs on my computer at a time: firewall, pop-up blocker, anti virus, 2 anti spyware software Pest Patrol and Ad-Aware, Registry Magic utility and Tune-Up utilities. All these were either memory resident or scheduled to run twice daily. All were set to check for updates automatically hourly. All this taxed my memory resources to an extent that I could no longer watch a full-screen movie without jitter, so I added another GB of RAM to my computer.

Nevertheless, I fell victim to a thing called Key Logger. Someone was logging my keystrokes trying to find out my username and password for various web sites (including online banking, credit cards etc.). My protection software was battling this pest, but it didn't know what exactly to do with it. This caused the computer to "act funny" which made me look into it more carefully.

What saved me was my disregard for basic security rules. I have so many web
sites with different usernames/passwords that I had them all bookmarked and all usernames/passwords were entered automatically. So I entered no keystrokes when I went to those sites.

To make long story short, I know how you felt. Except, unlike you, I had no
access to tech-support here in Belgrade, other than a community of users (which did help). 

The only real solution, one of the guys suggested, is a "manual firewall", i.e. you should have two computers. One, not connected to any other but connected to the Internet, which has no vital data of any kind, preferably a Linux machine. You surf, you retrieve, you transfer to a CD-R. Then you take that CD-R and move the files to your "real" computer (of course you first scan it with everything you've got).

B.A., Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro
flag-srb.gif (7015 bytes)

Unwelcome Guests

PERTH, Sep 26 - Greetings from Oz.  Many thanks for the message and timely reminder re spyware.  Quite coincidentally, and before I read your message, we had friends over for dinner last night, and one of them has recently worked in an area which involves official surveillance and internet message tracking, etc, and we were talking at length about just how invasive some of this stuff can be.  So the coincidence of your message regarding unwelcome guests coming into one’s computer system was stark.

I, too, downloaded SP2 recently. With the exception of it changing my network settings so that I’ve now lost my wireless capability, I don’t seem to have had many problems.  Having said that, another friend, who is also my IT advisor, had asked me just a few days earlier whether I had downloaded SP2 yet, and commented on how for him it managed to turn a Pentium 4 machine into one that performed like a Pentium 1.

Your message was timely because whilst I had been using Ad-Aware for a couple of years now (recommended to me by the same IT friend), just a few weeks ago a virus managed to sneak in under my anti-virus system, and slowly gobbled up all of Windows, which meant that I had to do a full system repair and reinstallation, and in turn I forgot to reinstall Ad-Aware.  I had been in the habit of running it every couple of weeks or so, and it was amazing just how much stuff it identified.  Most of them just harmless cookies/trackers, but the occasional one which looked malicious. 

So, thanks for the reminder, which I’ve copied to various friends/colleagues.

P.C., Perth, Western Australia aus-flag.gif (2180 bytes)


SUSSEX, Sep 26 - Thanks very much for your support of www.D-A-L.com in your recent 'Spy Wars' article.  Owen does a truly fantastic job here and your recognition is appreciated.

D.J.N., Great Britain wpe6.jpg (1511 bytes) (D-A-L moderator)



Thanks to you, Bob - I sought out and destroyed 138 pieces of Spyware from my system!! ...and got back 3 functions that had been disrupted by their presence!! 


Woots, Canada

Keep your comments coming... We will consider them for future additions to the Spy Wars Readers' Forum.  

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Volume XX, Annex Bulletin 2004-20 - Readers' Forum
September 27, 2004

Bob Djurdjevic, Editor
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